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Quick Polenta



Combine all ingredients into a large saucepan and boil while stirring constantly. Continue for fifteen minutes or until mixture is thick.

The polenta is "done" at this point. Many just pour it in a pan and let it cool before cutting and serving. Others use it as a jumping board for other things. It can be poured into a jellyroll pan and allowed to cool.

Later top it like a pizza with your favorite veggies and soy cheese then bake. It can be poured into a casserole dish to use as a "crust" for Mexican dishes (like Mexican spaghetti or beans and rice) or for Italian dishes. It can also be made into a polenta casserole by layering a small amount of the polenta with your favorite middle ingredients them top with the rest of the polenta. I often use grilled veggies and marinara sauce to make a yummy polenta casserole.