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Put in the mixing bowl and let stand 1 hour:

3 tablespoons kosher veg gelatin (this is 3 packets of Emes)

1/2 cup water

In about 1/2 hour, begin to prepare syrup. Place in a heavy pan over

Low heat and stir until dissolved:

2 cups sugar (I used unbleached)

3/4 cup light corn syrup

1/2 cup water

1/4 teaspoon salt

When the mixture starts to boil, cover it about 3 minutes to allow any crystals, which have formed to be washed down from the sides of the pan. Be careful, though, not to let the mixture boil over.

Continue to cook uncovered and unstirred over high heat to the firm-ball stage (244 degrees F). Overcooking makes the marshmallows tough. Slightly undercooking makes good marshmallow cream, which can be stored in a jar.

Remove the mixture from heat and pour slowly over the gelatin, beating constantly with an electric mixer. Continue to beat about 15 minutes after all the syrup has been added. While beating, when the mixture is thick but still smooth, add:

2 tablespoons vanilla extract.

Put the mixture into an 8 x 12 in pan that has been lightly dusted with cornstarch. Dust the top with cornstarch and set aside. When it has dried for 12 hours, remove it from the pan, cut it into square with scissors dusted with cornstarch, and store the fully dusted pieces in a closed tin.

Possible variations: Add coconut extract instead of vanilla. Pour into pan coated with tasted coconut and roll cut pieces in toasted coconut instead of cornstarch.

Use crème de menthe instead of vanilla for mint marshmallows. Or use other flavors/liqueurs (almond extract, orange, Kahlua, etc.) instead of vanilla.