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Grainy Spinach Casserole



This recipe is best if prepared in a greased 4qt, covered casserole dish. If you use one that is larger or smaller, you will need to adjust the water or grain accordingly. For example, if you use a 6qt dish, you need to add about 2/3 cup more of grains and 3/4 cup of water. If you use a 3qt dish, you will need to use about 1/4 cup more water. The reason for this is the variable amount of greens that will fit in the dish. They shed a great deal of fluid during the cooking process. This fluid is part of what you are depending on to get your grains fully cooked.

Wash and drain the greens and cut into pieces not over 2 inches. Stems should be cut into 1/2 inch pieces. Add most of the greens to the casserole dish with the onions and carrots to allow for mixing. Add the oregano and pepper.

Scrub the outside of the lemon(s), cut into quarters and remove the seeds. Pour 1 cup of the water into a blender along with the lemon(s), including the peel, and the garlic. Blend at high speed. Pour into the casserole dish. Use the remainder of the water to wash out the blender into the casserole dish. Add the grains, then oil and mix. Add the remaining greens, cover the dish and place in the oven for 10 minutes at 350.

After the 10 minutes the greens should be wilted enough to mix again. Place back in the oven for an additional 20 minutes and mix again. Repeat for another 10-20 minutes. It should be done about this time but will vary according to size of dish, mix of greens and grains used. Check the grains for softness and that the water is all absorbed. Cook for additional time as needed, and if necessary, add a little water if contents are dry. If it seems too wet, remove the lid and replace in oven for a few minutes.