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Soy Milk



Soak the beans in a large bowl overnight. Dump out soaking water. Place some beans and fresh water in a food processor in a ratio of 1 part bean to 2 parts water, and grind the beans. Spoon out the ground soy beans into another bowl and repeat the previous step until all the soy beans are ground up. Place a handful of the ground beans in the middle of a piece of muslin cloth. Gather the four corners together and squeeze the soy milk into a pot. Repeat this step till all of the beans are squeezed dry. Place the pot of freshly squeezed soy milk on the stove. Wash and cut a small piece of fresh ginger and place that into the pot of milk. You can substitute the ginger with fresh or dried orange peel. The ginger or orange peel will take away the beany smell of the milk. Bring the milk to a rolling boil and add the sugar of your choice. The amount of sugar is up to you. Stirring the milk occasionally will prevent a film from forming. Remove the ginger or peel, cover the pot and let the milk cool down. Then pour into containers and refrigerate the milk immediately. The left over ground soy can be used to make soy burgers or as a filler in your favorite soup or chilli.