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Berry Bran Muffins



Combine ingredients in order in a large mixing bowl. Dough should be thick, but springy. Mix well, adding berries last and taking care not to over mix them and crush them. Divide into 12 equal portions in a 12 nonstick muffin pan. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes or until firm and springy and slightly browned. The applesauce is needed for the texture, so it probably shouldn't be changed. The muffins may be too moist in the middle for your taste, additional baking may be required. Microwaving them before serving is great, and they freeze well in ziplock bags. Unlike many versions of bran muffins, these are always very soft and light tasting because of the applesauce. I often replace the berries for apple bits and put cinnamon in them for apple-cinnomon muffins.