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Spray a large bowl with non-stick cooking spray. Cube cake into 1 inch cubes. Set 1/4 of the cubes to the side and sprinkle the rest with most of the brandy or rum. Reserve just a small amount for the remaining cubes. Press damp cubes against the inside of the bowl.

Cut chocolate wafers into small chunks. Mix 1/2 of the Hip Whip with the melted chocolate, then carefully stir in the wafer chunks. Spread inside the pressed bread cubes and lightly sprinkle with cinnamon.

Using an electric mixer, beat together almond extract, powdered sugar, cream cheese and remaining Hip Whip. Fold in almonds and spread into center of the bowl.

Sprinkle remaining rum or brandy over leftover cake cubes and press firmly on top of mixture. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to sit in frig for at least 1 hour. Longer is better.

Once the "cake" is well chilled, flip over onto a cold plate. Sift cocoa powder heavily over the top and serve in slices. Extra Hip Whip can be used as a garnish and/or melted chocolate drizzled over the top. More almonds look pretty on top as well.