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Cauliflower Cheese Soup



In a medium to large sauce pan, add the cauliflower, water, chipotle powder, bouillon, garlic, curry and onion powder. Cover and bring to a boil until the cauliflower is soft. Transfer to a blender and add the yeast and vinegar. Blend until smooth (or use a hand blender) and add the smart balance, pepper and salt to taste. Top with more pepper and fresh herbs if desired.

This is a very simple soup, so play around with your favorite spices.

It made 6 cups and the entire recipe had only 400 calories.

If wanted an even better soup, roast the cauliflower first with whole garlic cloves and onion.. Spray with cooking spray and toss with the chipotle powder, salt/pepper and bake in a single layer at 400 for 20 minutes.. then proceed with the same method.