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Miso Bulgur Pilaf with Lemon-Ginger Tofu



For the Bulgur Pilaf, heat a dry skillet over the stove and toss in the bulgur. Toast for about 10 minutes, shaking the pan occasionally to keep the bulgur moving, until it smells nutty and turns slightly darker brown. Pour the grains out onto a plate, and place the emptied skillet back over the heat. Add in the oil, garlic and ginger, and cook for just a minute or two until the spices have browned a bit. Stir in the lemon zest, soy sauce and miso paste, breaking up any lumps that may form. Stand back a bit while slowly pouring in the water, as it may hiss and splash slightly. Scrape everything off the bottom if it's sticking, and add your toasted bulgur into the mix, along with the peas. Turn down the heat, cover, and let simmer for 15 minutes. If all of the liquid hasn't been absorbed by then, simply continue to cook over low heat, uncovered, until it has all evaporated. Let stand for 5 minutes off the heat, and stir in the almonds and chives, if desired.

For the Lemon-Ginger Tofu, to make the marinade, whisk together the ginger, sugar, garlic, cayenne, lemon juice and zest in a shallow dish. Set aside. Gently press your block of tofu to remove as much water as possible before cutting it. Slice it into pieces just shy of 1 centimeter in thickness; you should get about 12 slices total. Place the tofu into the dish with your marinade and in an even layer. Cover, and let sit for at least 30 minutes before flipping all of the pieces over and then letting it sit for another half hour. The longer the better, so if you have more time, by all means let it sit in the marinade longer.

Heat up a skillet with the sesame oil when the tofu has absorbed enough of the marinade. Place the slices into the skillet (you may need to do this in two batches, depending on the size of your skillet) and cook over medium heat for about 5 to 6 minutes, until nicely browned. Flip, and cook for the same amount of time again. If desired, reserve the leftover marinade and heat briefly to warm through; serve as a sauce to heighten the flavor of the tofu.


Per serving (about 12oz/326g-wt.): 420 calories (190 from fat), 22g total fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 0mg cholesterol, 380mg sodium, 44g total carbohydrate (12g dietary fiber, 6g sugar), 19g protein


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